Search Engine Optimisation may involve a number of different  goals, each with their own implementation process and function. Broadly, these are broken down into three types: website architecture, brand exposure and visibility; and keyword rankings.

The client: IMT Accountants & Advisors

IMTAAA (IMT Accountants & Advisors) is a small accounting firm operating in Brisbane's western suburbs around two nodes: Sinnamon Park and Ashgrove. IMTAAA is run by two principals: Imraz Musa and Milan Taluja. While each of them have serviced clients for more than 18 years, they partnered in mid 2018 to create IMTAAA.

IMTAAA’s main priority was to achieve first page rankings in Google searches for location and services keywords (such as “Ashgrove accountants”). The project did not include targeting topic or knowledge based keywords (such as “what is an SMSF”).

The scope included 11 suburbs (including “ Brisbane”) and 4 services and a time frame of 6 months).

The Solution

IMTAAA has offices in two of the 11 suburbs. The project required specific 'Local SEO' techniques ideal for businesses looking to increase their local area exposure, including:

  • dedicated suburb pages
  • Google My Business optimisation (of curent account)
  • implementing Google Structured Data Markup
  • securing guest posts for relevant suburb pages
  • fixing link errors and website security issues
  • correcting many website's meta tags errors (often present in do-it-yourself or budget websites)

The results

IMTAAA achieved rapid increases in its 'expression' count within three weeks. This is a measure of how often the website came into view of potential clients. The target local suburbs listings rose from an average rank of #25 to #13 within 5 weeks.

Within 10 weeks, all Local SEO target keywords were ranked on the first page of Google desktop and mobile searches. This included the various professional services offered by IMTAAA.

The URL architecture implemented during the project has given IMTAAA a springboard for growing their presence in the competitive Brisbane market for accounting firms and bookkeeping services.